Looking to get involved at CHMA?
Don’t know where to begin?

We’re happy to get you started no matter what your interests might be.

Do you like talking to strangers? Interested in current events? Want to report the news? Our Spoken Word Department is always looking for people who want to help report on events in our community. If you have a nose for news, or simply like talking to people you don’t know, get in touch with our Spoken Word Director to begin your free crash course in Journalism 101.

Do you live and breathe music? Is your iPod permanently attached to your ears?
Want to hear the latest, greatest track by that awesome band everyone is talking about? Then you should consider joining our Music Department. Once you’ve completed your orientation, our Music Director,  can hook you up with some great opportunities to discover new music.  You can interview bands as they pass through town, review CDs before they hit the stores.

Or maybe you’d like to do a cooking show, or a radio play or maybe something experimental?

No matter what you’re into… we’re here to help you turn your interests into great radio!

Orientations sessions and station tours are free and are held at the station every Tuesday at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, just drop by the station! For more information, contact our Programming Director.

We’re looking forward to seeing you around the station!