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Attic Transmissions returns! This week’s issue is off to the printers and can be found around Sackville later today. The on-air version will be on every Tuesday at 2PM.

Those of us in Sackville are all currently very excited for tomorrow’s start to the 11th edition of SappyFest, but on this Sappy’s Eve we’d like to remind everyone that our Stereophonic Music Festival coordinators are currently accepting performer applications for the upcoming 14th edition of the festival (January 2017). To apply, click right here and fill out the simple google doc the coordinators have set up.

Thanks in advance for your applications, we hope to see you all in January!

“This is Now Here” Stereophonic documentary by Colin Medley is now online!


and Weird Canada wrote about it:

“From the noise hounds of Jesse Locke:

This 12-minute doc on the modest but madcap community of Sackville, NB and its yearly Stereophonic Festival is a feel-good blast of East Coast inspiration. Set against a lulling dronescape from Mike Smith, the narration is provided by prime movers from the Killer Haze crew, Julie Doiron and other recognizable Maritime musical faces. Lensman Colin Medley shines a light on the town’s current hotspots with the same subtle yet striking composition of his photographs and previous films. Everybody knows this is now here.”

Listen Now!

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