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Every April CHMA holds a Programmer’s Party to thank our programmers and celebrate the great on-air content they’ve provided over the previous year. This year was no exception and below you can find photos from our most recent party. Many thanks to photographer extraordinaire Kim McMillan for once again taking some great photos!

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Each year CHMA throws a programmers and volunteers party to show how much we appreciate all the hard work they put into their radio shows. Here’s a few photos of the folks behind the microphones at your campus and community radio station showing off their gold record awards. Photos taken by lovely and talented photographer Kim McMillan.

Photos from the party

“This is Now Here” Stereophonic documentary by Colin Medley is now online!


and Weird Canada wrote about it:

“From the noise hounds of Jesse Locke:

This 12-minute doc on the modest but madcap community of Sackville, NB and its yearly Stereophonic Festival is a feel-good blast of East Coast inspiration. Set against a lulling dronescape from Mike Smith, the narration is provided by prime movers from the Killer Haze crew, Julie Doiron and other recognizable Maritime musical faces. Lensman Colin Medley shines a light on the town’s current hotspots with the same subtle yet striking composition of his photographs and previous films. Everybody knows this is now here.”

Well we just held our annual end-of-year volunteer party at George’s Fabulous Roadhouse and thanks to the efforts of Music Director Vanessa Blackier you can look forward to seeing photos from the evening here soon.

The night saw many of our programmers and volunteers recognized for their wonderful contributions to the success of this past year’s programming schedule with the presentation of our Gold Record Awards.

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