We spoke with JJ Bear, Mayor of Dorchester, on the morning after the first public session in the Anglophone East School District’s sustainability study, which could lead to the closure of the school later this year. The District made a presentation on Monday, March 9, to an audience of more than 100 community members, including data on projected expenditures, enrolment, and academic performance at the school.

Bear says he’s concerned with the timeline of the sustainability study, with the District Education Council slated to provide a final recommendation related to school closure to the Minster of Education and Early Childhood Development on April 22nd, 2015.

“There hasn’t been a promise that all members of District Education Council will be present at the next meeting; there were only three last night. They’re going to be making a major decision in April, only 8 days [after] the public consultation,” Bear says. “I’ve been working for government for many years, and nothing happens that quick. It leads to a perception that they’ve already made up their minds.”