On February 17, 2015, the Anglophone East School District’s District Education Council voted to conduct a sustainability study on Dorchester Consolidated School. Late last week, the District announced a timeline for determining whether to close the school or keep it open. CHMA spoke with Tamara Nichol, the Council’s chair. Nichol says that the impetus to study the school’s possible closure came from discussions between the Chairs of the province’s District Education Councils and the provincial government, at which she was encouraged to “look for efficiencies” within the district. The discussions between the districts and the provincial government come during New Brunswick’s Strategic Programme Review, which seeks to improve the province’s finances by 600 million dollars. “This council has never gone through this process before,” says Nichol. She has yet to determine exactly how she will balance the need to stabilize finances and the impact that the school has in the community. The District will be holding a public meeting for parents, students, and community members to have their say on the potential school closure in early April. tamnich