Sackville’s Town Council met for a monthly meeting to hear presentations from the public, and discuss matters that may lead to a motion at next week’s Regular Council Meeting. Special Council Meetings happen the first Monday of every month in Council Chambers. Here’s a report on highlights from last night’s meeting:

  • A presentation from a group seeking Council’s support to construct a pedestrian bridge linking Middle Sackville and the Waterfowl Park
  • A presentation from Live Bait Theatre about their upcoming activities and a discussion regarding the Town’s ongoing financial support for Live Bait
  • Followup from Council’s attendance of the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick
  • A report from Senior Manager of Corporate Projects Jamie Burke about a fact-finding and information sharing “field trip” to the town of Brunswick, Maine
  • An update on behind-the scenes work leading up to a major capital project to redevelop Bridge Street

Listen to the full report here: Townhall