Mapping North America is an exhibition of maps, illustrations, and documents from the Davidson Collection, an archive held in the Mount Allison University Library. Christina Ionescu and Lauren Beck, of the University’s Modern Languages Department, curated the exhibition, which features works from the archive, which are not ordinarily available for view by the general public.

The collection features works by settlers and explorers in North America, with a focus New Brunswick and the area around Sackville. Contrasting French and English narratives, the role of native people, and ideas about settlement and land use become apparent through the work. Interestingly, many of the archived illustrations were made by European artists who had never set foot in North America, but made artists’ renderings based on sketches and written descriptions.

Boardwalk spoke with Beck and Ionescu about the exhibition, and got a sneak peak at a number of the illustrations on the walls as part of the exhibit, currently on view at the Owens Art Gallery.