The Tantramar Outdoors Club is responsible for one of Sackville, New Brunswick’s lesser-known treasures: the network of ski and snowshoe trails at Walker Road, just a minute off of exit 500 on the Trans-Canada Highway. The system is actively maintained by a team of volunteers and is financially supported by income raised through the Sackville Triathlon, the TOC’s biggest annual event. On the Crooked Tree trail, just west of Walker Road, the club built a warm-up hut, nicknamed “Das Rosshaus,” featuring a wood-firing stove and a stash of hot chocolate mix, that is available for public use. The warm-up hut has been so successful at attracting people to the trail system that the club has authorized the beginning of construction of a second, more luxurious warm-up hut deeper in the woods.

Boardwalk spoke with TOC Vice President Ross Thomas and long-time member and volunteer Peter Manchester, in order to get the inside scoop on how the trail system works, what kind of work goes into maintaining it, and how the trails grow and change over time. The Thomas/Manchester duo took the opportunity to drop some knowledge on us, but also to get rather silly in the studio.