Mbarouk Mussa Omar of Community Forests International (CFP), an NGO that works on sustainable resource management in 18 communities around Tanzania, visited Sackville, New Brunswick this week to meet with members of the Canadian branch. Mussa Omar toured CFI’s projects in Sackville, made an appearance at a public wine and cheese event, an event about the state of Crown forests in Canada, and participated in a week of dialogues and strategy sessions about sustainable development and resource management.

Volunteer host Katharyn Stevenson hosted Mussa Ommar of Community Forests Pemba (CFP), along with Mike Trichler administrative and financial officer for CFP, and Jeff Schurr, executive director of CFI in Canada. Mussa Ommar, Schnurr, and Trichler, tell the story of their coming together to develop natural resources from a sustainable, community-oriented approach that transcends forestry to address the issues of water, energy, economy, and community.