Ian Chew met for supper at Mel’s Tea Room with volunteer reporter Katharyn Stevenson to talk about the work that’s gone into Humans of Sackville, a photo project that uses social media to humanize the town of Sackville, New Brunswick. Chew posts daily snapshots of people in Sackville accompanied by micro-interviews about his subjects and their lives.

Chew says the project got started with a single photo. “I met this guy who had a really nice beard, and he was standing outside of one of our local art galleries… and I said, ‘Oh! That’s cool.’ And I decided to take a picture of him. ‘So he was questioning, why? Why do you want a picture of me?’ in this really gruff manner. So I told him, ‘It’s for Humans of Sackville’ and he said ‘Oh, sure, yeah, okay!’.” Chew says that everything has snowballed since then. Chew has posted hundreds of portraits of Sackville residents over the last two years.