Today on Boardwalk Radio, a packed hour about diversity, culture, and exchange.

  • Town Councillor Bill Evans joined us in the studio to update us on what’s going on in municipal government. Evans talked about the format of the Town’s upcoming Discussion Group meeting, the consultation process around the revision of the traffic bylaw as it pertains to skateboarders, and the culture of “those people.” Evans overheard citizens talking about the opening of the bowling alley on Bridge Street. “I’d love to go there, but I’m not sure that those people would accept me.” Evans suggested that it is important for everyone in Sackville to be mindful of cultural divisions and to reflect on the way that we create boundaries and stereotypes. Staff reporter Emma Bass brings us the interview.
  • Tuesday’s student organization feature: Ranelle John, president of Mount Allison’s MOSAIC, a group that highlights multicultural exchange at the university and in the community. Staff reporter Martin Omes features a different student organization every Tuesday on Boardwalk Radio.
  • An interview with poet, activist, and educator Juan Sanchez. Sanchez was one of the driving forces behind the Indigenous Message on Water, a multilingual text from indigenous leaders and community members throughout the Americas on the diverse approaches to the defense of water rights. Sanchez is currently teaching Spanish language and theatre courses at Mount Allison University, and is co-organizing the Poetry at the Cultural Crossroads series, which kicks off this Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 4pm at the Bridge Street Cafe. Volunteer reporter Katharyn Stevenson brings us the interview.