Basil Alzeri has been performing cooking demonstrations featuring traditional Palestinian dishes as a way to contribute to the conversation about the history and experience of Palestinians living in Gaza and abroad. His Mobile Kitchen Lab performances have been presented across the Americas, starting with a performance in Mexico City in 2012.

Alzeri joined Boardwalk by telephone to talk about the story behind the Mobile Kitchen Lab. He says that the performances grew organically out of conversations with his mother, who he would contact frequently for recipe advice. During the performance, Alzeri communicates with his mother by Skype, and she instructs him in the preparation of a recipe. The Mobile Kitchen Lab is a poignant, inventive, and human way to enrich the public’s understanding of the story of Palestine.

Basil Alzeri will be presenting Mobile Kitchen Lab: from Shore to Shore at the Owens Art Gallery’s “You Are What You Eat, You Are” symposium on food and art in Sackville. The performance, featuring the preparation and tasting of a traditional Gazan fish dish made from local ingredients, will take place in the multi-purpose building at the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park on Main Street from 5:00-7:30pm this Saturday, September 20. The event is free and open to the public.