The Mount Allison Student Union will hold its Annual General Meeting this Thursday, September 11, at 8pm in Tweedie Hall.

MASU President Heather Webster and Vice President of Communications Ryan Harley joined Boardwalk Radio in the studio to talk about some of the underlying issues that will be addressed at the AGM, and to discuss the non-traditional format of Thursday night’s meeting.

Harley has designed an “open-space forum” segment in the assembly, during which students will get up out of their seats, and form groups to dialogue about governance, advocacy issues, campus life, and other issues of concern to students. Harley hopes that students will seize the opportunity to propose issues and actions, identify problems, and call their student union to task on Thursday.

“I personally believe that student apathy in this community is entirely a myth. That was proved to us last year in a number of ways [including] the restructuring [of MASU] but more visibly the Faculty strike. Students were given a crash course in the complexities of a university community and the intricacies of university governance,” says Harley, “and it was very clear to me that students wanted to participate.”