At the regular meeting of Sackville Town Council last night, September 8th, Council approved a bid for the lease, repair, and eventual sale of the former Department of Natural Resources building on Milton Lane to Wards Hydraulics, inc. The building had been slated for demolition in May, and then, in an attempt to save on demolition, was slated to be set on fire and used as a practice site for the Sackville Fire Department. Following outcry from local entrepreneurs and members of the public, the Town was successful at making a “U-turn” and finding a lessee and potential buyer for the building.

Last nights council meeting also featured a lively debate around a motion to authorize council members to attend the October conference of the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick. While some members of Council considered the province-wide group, which lobbies the provincial government on behalf of town and city governments, to be defunct, others argued that it is vital to use this organization to Sackville’s advantage, and to attempt to inject life and leadership into the organization. Councillor Bruce Phinney was outspoken about the importance of participating in order to maintain channels of communication with other municipalities, and to keep abreast of inter-municipal issues, particularly as they pertain to the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels.

We interviewed Councillor Evans about the reorientation of the Town’s plans for the DNR building, and spoke about the pros, cons, and terms of involvement in the Union of Municipalities conference.