Jon Hynes - Watchful Creatures

After three years of gestation Jon Hynes has released his first solo recording and it fits in well with the long running Canadian songwriter tradition. Hynes has for years been a sideman in projects such as Hey Rosetta!, The Hidden Cameras and Evening Hymns, but taking the lead seems to be a good fit if Watchful Creatures is any indication.
If you’re looking for a reinvention of the heart-on-sleeve modern songwriter playbook might I recommend moving along. However, if you want a solidly written, catchy album look no further. Between earworm tracks such as “Opinion Piece”, uptempo rockers like “Seadiver” or slower reminiscent track “Forever, Kathleen (For The Books)” the album has a bit of everything for the fans of the power pop end of alternative country. As I say, this is not especially groundbreaking work, but these days what is? The material speaks for itself and is worth paying attention to. -SB

Check out “The Deep Dark Underground” –