Our fourth week in and we’re honoured to have Jon join us for an interview and performance – we visited his studio and he talked about recording,touring and 20 questions.

an excerpt from Pigeon Row on Jon’s new album:

“Jon recently relocated from the south shore of Nova Scotia to Sackville, New Brunswick, a small town just across the marsh from where he grew up in Amherst, Nova Scotia. This geography, a provincial and physical divide, and a past and present, seem central to this record. A record is a moment caught, and instantly we’re looking back. In growing up, we grapple with domesticity, youth, and the culture of music. Adulthood seems like a distant form in the fog, but do we appear or disintegrate? We battle the mundane dullness of economy with love or magic, songs perhaps, chopping through the dark.”

Jon Mckiel “Tropic Depression” on Attic Transmissions from Attic Transmissions on Vimeo.