CHMA Needs Your Help

Just 11 days left to help us reach our goal on our indiegogo campaign. To go to the campaign page and donate click this link.

CHMA 106.9FM, Sackville’s campus/community radio station is running a fundraising
campaign to gain additional funding to replace much of it’s old and overused equipment. “Our goal is to raise $11, 000 with the help of the community,” says Phil Mercier, Mount Allison student and CHMA’s Communications Director. “We broadcast 365 days a year and that kind of use certainly puts a lot of wear on our gear.”

Rather than just asking the community to generously open their pockets and donate, CHMA is offering perks as an incentive for folks to show their support. Perks range from one to one thousand dollars and include neck warmers, t-shirts, VIP party passes, taxidermy pheasants and even having one of the two stations studios named after you.

The station strives towards embracing the brave new digital world through apps and an online presence. This helps their signal and voice to reach beyond the marshes to a wider world. “Currently our broadcasting range is around 15 square kilometers,” says Mercier. “We also have a 24 hour online stream, but we really want to focus on keeping people connected at all times, anywhere they go.”

CHMA 106.9 FM is owned and operated by the members of Attic Broadcasting Co. Ltd., a non-profit organization with its offices on the campus of Mount Allison University. It provides members with an opportunity to create innovative, educational and alternative community-based programming.