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The world of radio is changing, and much of our equipment—stuff that’s been through decades of use and overuse—is simply wearing out. For the first time, CHMA is running a deficit, and without additional funds, we won’t be able to continue in the same way.
We want to be able to offer the same great programming experiences and open door that we’ve always had. In fact, we want to do more, to increase and strengthen our award-winning current affairs and news programming in the year ahead. We also want to embrace the brave new digital world, through apps and an online presence that will allow our signal, our voice, to reach beyond the marshes to a wider world.
But this isn’t possible without raising some money. And that’s where you come in. We’re asking friends, fans, and alumni of CHMA to dig deep and chip in to help us replace old analog equipment while simultaneously moving into a digital world. This will assure that our current programmers and the next generations of Allisonians and Sackvillians can continue to enjoy the magic of community radio.
Or goal is daunting but attainable: $11 000. We chose the number to honor the 11thedition of Stereophonic, our annual music festival. We’ve got some great incentives to get us there. Please tune in, share, and above all—give. Help keep The Voice of the Marshes loud and clear.