Karen Grant spoke with CHMA’s Louis Zatzman about the ongoing MAFA strike and the potential for further negotiations. At present, negotiations have stalled as MAFA has stated that it will only return to the table if administration drops a few key proposals, and the administration is, according to Grant, “unwilling to compromise” those proposals.

While faculty members end their first week of walking the picket line, students have begun to wonder about their options, particularly since they are not invited to the bargaining table.

While she agrees that students need to stay informed, she argues that students have no place intervening in or engaging with the bargaining process. She compares students’ interest in the negotiations to hockey fans during the NHL lockout. (Skip to the 4:35 mark to hear Grant’s comments in regards to student involvement.)

Grant concludes by stating that the administration’s demands are commitment to financial sustainability while maintaining quality programming. Listen to the full interview below:

Karen Grant (March 18 2010)[2]