Be The News is a community-generated news and issues talk show about stories that matter to Sackville citizens. Local media by local people. On the 28th, Be the News investigated labour in Sackville. Find the interviews below:

–  Jeanne’s neighbor Angie talks about declining opportunities for Sackville workers.

– Members of Daybreak speak about their experiences with volunteer labour (made by correspondent Kate Philips).

– Tomo, owner of Bridge Street Cafe, discusses challenges facing new immigrants in Sackville and Canada at large.

– Food truck owners Jon McKiel and Allison Crinkley speak to why they started a small business in Sackville.

– Citizen of the year Mike Fox weighs in on the theme of labour in Sackville.

– Pickles’ owner Dave Hunter shares his qualms with youth workers and smartphone usage. – Pickles’ owner Dave Hunter discusses the challenges facing small businesses in Sackville.

– Be the News Correspondent Michael Freeman presents both sides of the MtA collective agreement dispute between the administration and MAFA. – Fine Arts faculty member Chris Down shares his perspective on faculty evaluation and tenure promotion as an issue in the ongoing negotiations between the administration and MAFA>

– MAFA speaks with many voices: hear professors discuss why they personally support MAFA’s strike.