Be The News,
January 27th through 30th,
5-6 pm on CHMA 106.9FM
For the past three weeks, a group of engaged Sackville citizens have been working together as news correspondents to create special remote broadcasts on CHMA 106.9FM. Recorded and live interviews will be woven together in front of a live studio audience at 19 bridge st, next to the Black Duck Inn.  Tune in or join the audience.
For the project, these correspondents were introduced to CHMA and acquired many skills necessary to create balanced and critical news around issues pertaining to the Sackville community and the surrounding region. The project aimes to diversify the voices heard on CHMA, and to contribute to a local dialogue about the social, environmental, political and economic issues that matter to the citizens of Sackville.
This initiative is a result of Zachary Gough’s artist residency through CHMA, Struts Gallery, and the Faucet Media Arts Centre.