greasebeastRyan Burnham recently sat down in the CHMA office with Greasebeast (Luke Patterson, Julian Munghand, and Joshua Landry, in absentia: Mario Ferrari) to talk about The RPM challenge, influences, and food. To read the full uncut interview check out CHMA’s music blog at


RB: First of all, you guys sounded really tight at the Patches show, how long has Greasebeast been together as a band?

JL: We started, it was just us two (motioning to Luke) in about September 2012. Once everything was together and it was all of us, that was around March.

JM: Yeah, around March. But then we were off all summer, too. (Laughter) We were on hiatus as soon as we started.

LP: Yeah, we had a show together and then I left, and so did Josh. So we’ve really only been a band and in the same place for about three or four months. Josh and I wrote a bunch of songs and worked on them for awhile first, though.

RB: You guys participated in the RPM challenge last year, right?

LP: That’s right, we were kind of together before that, but that was why did a recording firstly, and that’s the only recording we have out.


JL: Multiple all very bad quality recordings

RB: Do you guys have any new music releases coming up any time soon?

LP: Well, I don’t know. We’re going to do a recording and we re-do any songs we do have on the internet, but with some new additions. I think we’ve got a thirteen or fourteen song album that we’re going to try and record and release.

JL: Our plan is yeah, record right after exams-ish, and put out a thirteen track tape.

RB: I could ask you what musical influences led to the creation of Greasebeast, but I’m actually much more interested in what sort of music you guys are psyched about right at this very moment.

Lots of responses tossed out, Monster Voo Doo Machine, Warrant, and Vince Gill, to name a few.

LP: I don’t know what I’m super stoked on, hmmm (pauses) what about you Josh?

JL: I’m still going on a major Full of Hell kick,

RB: What does a Greasebeast eat, and is anybody safe?

JL: I don’t think anybody is really safe. We’re all kind of at risk. For whatever it eats

JM: We’re all just at risk of becoming part of the Greasebeast,

LP: I think it’s a little bit deep down inside of all of us, just waiting to emerge. The greasy in everyone. Sometimes you do geasy things, and you’re arguably a beast. Everyone’s got a little greasy spot on them.

JL: Everyone’s gone to McDonald’s after drinking once or twice.

JM: Getting a little grease smudge somewhere.

RB: Do you guys have anything else you want to talk about? What direction is the Greasebeast going to charge in next?

LP: I think we’re going to try and do some shows, we really want to try and do a bunch of shows soon, some out of town stuff would be really cool. We’ve been talking about playing with Asian Dad Black Baby again.

LP: We would love to play the Legion maybe, or possibly Struts in December. Everyone can pull their noses out of the books, or whatever they’re doing. (Pauses for a moment) I certainly don’t have my nose in anything right now. (Laughs) I read Stephen King. I’m not in school anymore, haha.