There is a nondescript shed at the edge of town that has sheltered Sackville’s freaky young punk mess for the last year. It is the dark, cluttered home of a lurching mob of parent scaring noise and colour. You may know them by their band names; YELLOWTEETH, The Mouthbreathers, Astral Gunk,
Noise Hounds, and Go Get Fucked, to name a few. I know them by what they are; a Rat King. Like vermin fused at the tail by knots, blood, and excrement, these artists share their limited resources in an attempt to wake Sackville up from its sleepy folk daze with music ranging from garage rock, to the terrifying borders of hardcore.

Mark Grundy, Quaker Parents front man and recent SappyFest songwriter in residence, made the mistake of encouraging this crew of wasters to organize themselves into a unified, productive DIY music label. Killer Haze Records was born early June 2012 with their first release, Rat King, a
compilation cassette recorded one spring day in the aforementioned shed. It was gritty, powerful, and catchy as hell.

The knots in the Rat King’s tail have loosened a little since then, spreading their disease past the marshes of New Brunswick into Quebec and Ontario–
but not before spawning more bands, and another freaky young offspring. Rat King II, has just been released into the marshlands. It’s louder, an dirtier
than it’s Rat Daddy, and features five new bands worth checking out; The Abjects, The Moany Jitchells, Lucas Hicks and the Ex-Boyfriends, Best Fiends, and Faceless Babes. There’s something for everybody on this cassette, and its available digitally on Bandcamp (just Pay What You Can), and physically at Thunder & Lightning Ltd.

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