Another year has begun at Mount Allison! With the start of a new year comes new beginnings and, hopefully, a desire to try new things. For those of you curious about CHMA and interested in joining us on the 3rd Floor of the Student Center we’ve created a list of the Top 5 reasons to be a CHMA

5– Our Music Library. This is arguably one of the coolest rooms in the station. We’ve got an entire room stacked to the ceiling with CDs and Vinyl. And it’s a very, very big room. What could be better then an entire room dedicated to the best music has to offer? Oh! The fact you can sign the CDs out whenever you please.

4 – Anyone Can Volunteer! Even if you don’t have previous radio experience (most of us didn’t when we started) you‘re still highly encouraged to stop by and volunteer. Volunteering ranges from hosting your own radio show, poster creation, joining our news team, doing production work and a whole lot more. There’s plenty of opportunity to lend a hand and learn.

3 – Nintendo 64. If the above reasons aren’t good enough for you, perhaps you’ll want to drop by to challenge one of our volunteers to a round of Mario Kart. Rejecting such a challenge is considered sacrilegious in our office, so you’re guaranteed to have some fun.

2– Stereophonic. Stereophonic is our annual music festival held in January. The festival is dedicated to promoting local talent and volunteerism on all levels. It celebrates the hospitality of the Sackville community, the importance of campus/community radio, and the vitality of independent music. We feature artists from all over the country and some local favorites. If you’re an indie music lover, this is the festival to get involved with.

1 – The People. It sounds cheesy, but our programmers are a pretty spectacular group. You’re guaranteed to meet some neat and awesome people volunteering here. Lifelong friends, if you will.