Bonjour tout le monde!Acadie Chez Nous is a French Language Acadian Cooking Show, brought to you by David White (pictured above), Dr. Boehringer of the French Department here at Mount Allison, and CHMA 106.9 FM.  Each episode, host David looks at an Acadian dish with a different guest; exploring its origins, the traditions, memories and rituals that surround it, and sometimes even preparing it on the show. Acadie Chez Nous also features Acadian music and the “mot Chiac de la semaine.”  If you have any questions about this show, please contact David at Bon appétit!

1. On the first episode of Acadie Chez Nous, Nic Leblanc shows us how to make an Acadian classic; Chicken Fricot. (First aired January 13th, 2012) Episode 01

2. This week we dive into an iconic Southeast New Brunswick food – la poutine râpée. Kyle Mason and Catherine Lapointe share their stories surrounding this unique dish. (First aired January 20th, 2012) Episode 02

3. Young musician Julie Aube (of Les Hay Babies) joins us today to share one of her personal favourites – her grandmother’s galettes blanches. (First aired January 27th, 2012) Episode 03

4. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this week’s episode of Acadie Chez Nous, where we are joined by Casey Losier to show us how to make la tarte au sucre jaune. (First aired February 3rd, 2012) Episode 04

5. After some traditional Acadian music from Prince Edward Island, Meg Legere visits the CHMA studios this week to talk about her favourite Acadian dish; le râpé. (First aired February 10th, 2012) Episode 05

6. In the final episode before spring break, Christine McLaughlin and I attempt to make la tire blanche for the first time. (First aired February 17th, 2012) Episode 06

7. This week, I fly solo as I follow an old Acadian recipe for la soupe au navet. (First aired March 2nd, 2012) Episode 07

8. We finally get around to exploring one of the most popular Acadian desserts: les pets de soeur. Casey Losier makes a repeat appearance and shares a few family tips that save the day – and the dish! (first aired March 9th, 2012) Episode 08

9. Is it breakfast or dinner? Laura Gibbon helps to answer that question this week as she tells us more about les crêpes de patate. (first aired March 16th, 2012) Episode 09

10. This week, Acadie Chez Nous hosts a very special guest as former lieutenant governor M. Herménégilde Chiasson visits to talk about, among other things, le pâté au lievre. (first aired March 23rd, 2012) Episode 10

11. In the last episode of the show, Moncton artist Dano Leblanc phones in, and we eventually get around to discussing, once again, les poutines râpées. (first aired March 30th, 2012). Episode 11