Wearing a classic Stereophonic t-shirt with her favourite CHMA buttons, our CHMA lady is decked out in a lovely high-waisted skirt and a pair of interesting leggings. Her hair (unruly chique) is
accented by the seventeen studs she has in her left ear. Off to edit an interview on her MacBook (using Garageband, of course) she brings along a cup of tea brewed by her favourite Programming Director
Vanessa Blackier. In addition, she carries a small purse with a Bolivia EP for her show later that day.


Our CHMA gentleman is headed off in the next little while for an exclusive interview with Hot Donna. He carries a Marantz Machine and microphone to show off his super-awesome reporter guy skills. Dressed in typical CHMA man-ware, he wears a plaid shirt and skinny jeans straight off the rack of the Salvation Army. His thick-rimmed glasses help distract away from his
facial scruff that’s been growing out for a month or so. Lastly, he wears his CHMA winter hat with pride… even though it’s spring now.