The Homelessness Marathon started up as a radio program to raise awareness about the issues facing the homeless and what evolved from that is an annual awareness event that involves radio stations across the country. Nearly 40 radio stations across Canada will be airing this broadcast in hopes of raise understanding about the plight of the homeless, including CHMA 106.9 FM here in Sackville, NB.

One of the important things to recognize is that this is not a charity event. The Homelessness Marathon seeks to solve the problem of homelessness by raising awareness. The marathon employees are not paid and they do not solicit funds for themselves or social groups. “With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event,” says the Marathon team in a press release, “the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people and their allies to take to the airwaves, and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions.”

The event will be broadcast on CHMA from 6:00 PM February 22nd until 8:00 AM the morning of the 23rd. The marathon is based out of Montreal, but you will hear live broadcasts from the streets there, and also live reports from outside St-Matthews United Church in Halifax and outside a cafe in Vancouver. Parts of the marathon have traditionally been broadcast on location from the wintery city streets at night, again, raising  consciousness of the struggles of the homeless. This year’s broadcast will include a midnight phone-in hour, giving listeners the opportunity to voice their opinions. Each hour a different topic will be dicussed such as gentrification, gender, art on the streets and more. A complete hourby-hour list of the marathon’s themes is available on the marathon website.

For more information about CHMA’s participation in the broadcast please contact More information about The Homelessness Marathon and it’s history can be found on their website.