We are Back!

About 15 minutes ago the lights got really bright and then they went out for a split second and then they came back on.
At that precise moment we went off the air.
We immediately checked our studio equipment, which seems to be fine.
And then we went over to our transmitter site.
Unfortunately, we cannot gain access to our transmitter due the fact that Mount Allison University does not have anyone available to grant us access.
We’ve been told they are working to fix the problem (something to do with the diesel generator) and that we will be contacted as soon as someone is available to grant us access to our equipment.
Once we are able to do this, we should be back on the air.
We apologize to our listeners and regret this temporary outage.

If you would like to hear the song that was about to be played when we went off the air – People Make Their Own Paths by Handsome Dan and His Gallimaufry – please click here!