Hopefully you were at the fantastic CHMA office show last night, hustling, shimmying, and swinging to the sounds of Bedroom Sessions, Splooge, and Bad Vibrations. For those of you who weren’t there, you missed quite a show. The creative and hilarious Stereophonic composing contest was held last night. This year’s theme was “Best Stereophonic Pick-up Line”. The winning creation was:

“Hey, is that a demo in your pocket or are you just…oh, it’s a demo…”

Even after the craziness of last night, Day 3 of Stereophonic is jammed packed, so get out those planners and mark these shows down.

The HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS show takes place today at 4PM at the ultra cool Thunder & Lightening Ltd. Staring Tanya Davis, Babette Hayward, & Lucas Hicks, the show will bring you back to the days of clashing braces and love notes passed in class. PWYC/$5

In the best combination possible, the BEERS AND TEARS show is happening tonight at The Vogue Cinema. Starting at 7:30PM, make sure you get there with plenty of time to grab a draft and a seat. The mood lighting alone will get you feeling all right and swaying along to the sounds of Pat LePoidevin, Olenka Krakus, Bette & Wallet, Olympic Symphonium & Snailhouse. If you’ve been to a Stereophonic show at the Vogue before, you know they are not to be missed! If you haven’t, well now is the perfect time to fall in love. Admission is $20 or possession of a festival pass.

Check out the full schedule of events on the Stereophonic Blog.