Pat LePoidevin, a long standing Sackville favourite will be playing a show in Kelowna, BC this Saturday January 8th. Why does this matter to you? As it turns out the whole show is being streamed live by the Streaming Cafe. Plus it’s FREE! So tune in Saturday night at 11pm to hear Pat.

Pat LePoidevin uses a looper pedal to create a blend of sound using guitar, ukuleles, percussion, violin, and his notable deep melodic vocals. Carefully capturing one instrument at a time, he creates a complex multi-layered orchestra of folk. Having toured Canada twice, his words of wise polar bears and space-traveling wolves is being heard across the nation.

You can hear the show by going to the Streaming Cafe website.

Pat will also be in Sackville for Stereophonic 8, which takes place all around town from January 19 to 22. You can check out the full line-up here.

For more information on Pat, to check out his songs, and find out where he’s playing next, check out his website here.