Mount Allison economics professor Craig Brett, and Mount Allison drama production manager, Paul Del Motte, bring the first Football game of Fall 2014 today at 1:30pm, Mount Allison vs STFX.

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Friday Night Lights vs X_46

The summer staff of the Sackville Farmers Market set out to create a socioeconomic portrait of the market, using methodologies generated by the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia. This half-hour podcast describes the methodology, findings, and some of the preliminary analysis coming from that study.

A few quick facts about the Market, from the study:
-75% of market customers come to the market on foot or by bicycle from less than 2 kilometres away
-on average, in the month of July, the study estimates that the total dollar amount spent at the market may be as high as $19,000
-market customers overwhelmingly prefer local food to certified organic food
-in the summer, market customers spend as much as $15,000 per week at downtown businesses during the Farmers Market


There’s still some changes being made, but here’s what our fall schedule looks like so far. The new season on CHMA is going to sound great!


CHMA 106.9MHz – Sackville

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Jon McKiel (Headless Owl)
Spoils Of Youth (Rezolute Music)
Supernova (RCA)
Shrink Dust (Flemish Eye)
Salad Days Demos (Captured Tracks)
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Alvvays (Polyvinyl)
Lights Out (Dead Oceans)
Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium (Brainfeeder)
15    PS I LOVE YOU*
For Those Who Stay (Paper Bag)
16    WALRUS*
Glam Returns (Out Of Sound)
17    COUSINS*
The Halls Of Wickwire (Hand Drawn Dracula)
Heaven for Real’s Live Underground (Self-Released)
Twin Summers (Self-Released)
20    NAP EYES*
Whine of the Mystic (Plastic Factory)
Corrupt the Youth EP (Killer Haze)
Trouble (Self-Released)
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Cassette (Mexican Summer)
We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (Jagjaguwar)
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Fam Jam b/w Stylin’ (Black Box)
27    WET DENIM*
Wet Denim (Self-Released)
Bedrooms of the Nation (Self-Released)
Tour Demos (Bruised Tongue)
Magnolia (Self-Released)


Yan Lu’s tiny asian grocery store, located at 6 Ford Street in Sackville, New Brunswick, is the product of collaboration among friends, a landlord-turned-business-mentor, and a strong social network of international students at Mount Allison University. I joined Yan and his cousin/collaborator Bonny in the shop before opening hours to hear the story of the genesis and evolution of their business.

In this photo, Yan is standing with Mohammed, the owner of the building on Ford Street, who encouraged him to open a shop in the former SappyFest office, and helped him with renovations and business mentorship.

Just days after the signing of the key Crown Forest Agreement by the Alward government, we spoke with Ken Hardie, manager of the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners, an advocacy group representing thousands of family-operated woodlots in the province. Hardie says that the Crown Forest Agreement between the Province and Irving, which guarantees a 20% increase in softwood production on Crown land in exchange for a promise to keep pulp and lumber mills running, jeopardizes the integrity of ecosystems and pushes smaller softwood and lumber producers out of business. He suggests that New Brunswickers should defend our public forests and waterways, and hopes that voters will see the granting of public land to a private corporation as a political issue when they cast their votes in September.

ken hardie

Amy Smith co-operates Heart Beet Farm in PEI. She was the first speaker at the opening panel “Investing In Farmland” during ACORN’s third annual Beginning Farmer Symposium. She tells the story of her coming to PEI and acquiring farmland, and discusses the overlapping considerations that new farmers deal with when seeking land for organic farming. Chief among her concerns were soil type and proximity to industrial potato farms on a five-day pesticide and fungicide application cycle.

The panel featured narratives from three relatively new organic growers from Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, who shared their narratives about acquiring farmland with an audience of over 150 new and aspiring farmers. Here is her presentation during the opening panel.


Sackville Town Council 08.11 Stream. Sackville Town Council met on August 11th, Below is the audio. Thanks to Michael Beal for the recording.

Sackville Town Council

Natalie Gillis is a researcher at Mount Allison University. Her work over the summer has focused on developing outdoor and environmental education curricula for use at Salem Elementary School in Sackville. She joined us in the studio to talk about the progress she’s made over the summer and the prospects for the implementation of her innovative work, which creates opportunities for K-4 educators to teach visual and language arts, social sciences, math, and ecology with the outdoors as a basic element of the educational program. “It combines two important elements of children’s experience, education and the outdoors,” says Gillis, who will be submitting a guide to outdoor lesson plans to teachers at Salem Elementary in the coming weeks.

natalie gillis

Boardwalk spoke with attendees of ACORN’s third annual Beginning Farmer Symposium on August 18, 2014. We wanted to know why people came to the symposium, where their interest in farming comes from, and what they hoped to learn at the event. Here’s an audio portrait of a sampling of Atlantic Canada’s new and aspiring organic farmers: They are overwhelmingly young people, although some are in their fifties and sixties and looking at a second career. Some grew up on farms, others have urban roots. They are highly motivated by values of self-sufficiency, social and ecological justice.

Stay tuned for more content from the Beginning Farmer Symposium on Boardwalk Radio!


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