Listeners brought up questions about the perceived conflict over the application of herbicides on a Mount Allison sports field and the ticketing of youth for skateboarding on Sackville streets. Town Councillor Bill Evans responds, and together we unpack the by-laws and behind-the-scenes policy work around these issues. For Evans, public dialogue and public pressure are important parts of the process of coming up with a better policy.

“Get the facts straight, find out what is actually going on, and then work constructively to achieve the change you want… this is what civics is all about,” he says.


The Sackville Farmers Market has been gathering data that will be collated into an Economic Impact Study at the end of summer 2014. The study aims to create a snapshot of the economic and social value of the weekly market. The Market’s summer student, Norma Jean Worden-Rogers has been using everything from paper surveys to head-counts to sticker-based participatory methodologies to get information about the economic behaviour of customers and an estimate of the market’s weekly cash-flow. Worden-Rogers gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at the work being done towards the release of a one-page infographic on the economic impact of the Farmers Market and a full report, to be released soon.


Alex Keeling is hosting a two-part workshop on “wearable electronics” at Struts Gallery during the OK!Quoi? Bilingual Contemporary Arts Festival. Phase one, on Monday, July 28, will be an assembly session, during which participants will build circuits with oscillating LED’s into their clothing, and learn to program them to emulate the recently torn down RCI radio towers. Phase two happens at night on Tuesday, July 29, when participants will don their wearable electronics and walk to the broken bridge at the end of Bridge Street to juxtapose their oscillating lights on the horizon where the towers used to be. We talked about the workshop, which merges geography, art, and technology, and discuss the assortment of electronic components that Alex brought into the studio.

At the time of release, there are still a few spaces available for the workshop.


Sackville Town Council voted last week to enter into a cost-sharing agreement with EOS Eco-Energy to purchase and install an electric car charger from Sun Country Highway. This charger will be the 16th of its kind in New Brunswick.

EOS executive director Amanda Marlin joined us to talk about the work leading up to the agreement and purchase of the 100 amp charging station, which will be installed at the Sackville Visitor Information Centre. She shares some information with us about the roles that Sackville’s Chief Administrative Officer, the Mount Allison Student Union’s Green Investment Fund, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities have played in the initiative to make Sackville part of a coast-to-coast electric car corridor, and goes on to talk about the future of electric car infrastructure in Sackville.



Would you do me the honour of introducing yourself?
My name is James Nicolas Wilson.

What project are you affiliated with?
It’s a project called Painful Shivers.

Tell me a little more about Painful Shivers – How did that come together?
It’s just there so I don’t have to call myself Nic Wilson. It’s just a solo project. It’s anything I write that I deem worthy of public consumption.

There’s no fixed members?
No, but there are people I gravitate toward – I have a Montreal and a Sackville outfit.

What brought you back to Sackville?
I just wanted to visit everyone. And It’s just been too long.

Today you performed the song “Participation.”  Can you tell us a little about that song?
The lyrical content of that song is based on a friend recounting the life of Gram Parsons, on a very long drive.

What are some highlights of his life?
I think that he worked with Emmylou is probably a big one.  This was her thesis: that no one would have given a shit about Gram Parsons if he hadn’t discovered Emmylou Harris.  and I suppose the best factoid about his life is that when he died his friends stole his body from the morgue and attempted to burn it in Joshua Tree National Park but they were just drunken hippies and poured gas on his body and burned away his skin and nothing else.

Oh wow!
and now there’s an unmarked concrete slab in honour of him in Joshua Tree.

The spot where the whole thing went down?

So you took this crazy story and used it as inspiration for the song?
I think it was a lot more about what this person was saying about him and I thought she was painting a very lonely picture of a man who was always trying to keep up with the Rolling Stones.  He was always just trying to do as many drugs as Keith Richards and be as rock and roll while making Alt-Country? I don’t know how that part factors in but…I just like that idea of always feeling like you know what’s happening but you can’t get there.  I like that a lot.

Was is your personal songwriting method? Are there topics or inspirations that make songwriting easier for you?
I usually start by trying to emulate a song I’m really into.  And then it just goes off the rails.  I think that I’m writing…oh I don’t know, I don’t really have one.  I don’t really know how I write songs.  It’s not something that I try to think about.

Do you have to force yourself to write songs?
No, the exact opposite. I don’t really write unless I feel compelled to.  I’m really lazy about it.  But not lazy, I’m just doing other things.  Music is turned into much more, I would never put pressure on myself to make music unless it was for other people – I love playing with other people. I put pressure on myself to do that.  If it’s for Painful Shivers..if it’s not easy or cheap then I won’t do it.

I recently heard that Elvis Costello in the 80’s and 70’s would just watch a movie with a guitar in his hands and would strums and make melodies and would develop his songs that way. Do you kind of take a similar approach?
It’s usually a distraction tactic – when i’m doing something terrible like cleaning. Usually when I’m cooking I find myself bumping into things with a guitar strapped around me.  But usually it’s distracting me from whatever I’m doing.  If I’m bored while cleaning the house or want to annoy my roommate or putting off making art, then I’ll pick up a guitar.

Any final words on the project?
Is this the end? I felt we were just getting into it…

You just made me feel like a bad interviewer!
I thought it was going to go on for 6 hours.

We’ve got other things to do.
Final words on a project…

I guess it kind of silly to ask for final words on a project.
[laughs] – yeah – It’ll be new for a long time.  I do, sort of, have album aspirations.

but you’re not placing expectations on yourself?
No, maybe when I have ten good songs, because I have three right now. Maybe in a year I’ll have another seven and make an album out of those.

Three great songs!
Thank you!

Where can people find these songs?
One hasn’t been recorded yet, the other is on a compilation put out by Poncho Records and the other one is on my bandcamp (  And there’s another one on there which is a b-side.

I would file that under “A Great Song” as well.
Thank you Scott.

No Problem.

Dr. Catherine Lovekin, assistant professor of astronomy at Mount Allison University, joined us in studios to talk about the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower and the Introduction to the Night Sky event she’ll be hosting this Saturday, 26 July, at 8:30pm at the Campbell Carriage Factory in Middle Sackville. She talked about sungrazing comets and the mechanics of a meteor shower. We also asked her about her comet-like trajectory into astronomy, the work she’s done on star evolution, and the pertinence of astronomy as a science.



Read the rest of this entry »


We recently spoke with multi-talented musician Pat Maloney about his newest summer release Repotting. Pat is touring throughout central Canada now, and has plans to travel the maritimes in the Fall. This is his second solo album.

Listen to the interview above, and watch his newest video for the title track below.

Town Councillor Bill Evans joins us every Tuesday on Boardwalk to talk about town affairs and public engagement. He had a lot to say about the public engagement process around downtown redevelopment, on the heels of the launch of the Town of Sackville’s public survey on the redevelopment of Bridge Street. We discuss the way in which the Town sets priorities around business development, and the role of citizen input. He also sheds some light on the work he did with the Sackville Good Governance Committee prior to his election as a town councillor. The Committee put pressure on Town Councillors to develop more transparent practices around decision making, and ultimately opened Town discussion meetings to citizen participation.

CHMA 106.9MHz – Sackville

* indicates Canadian artist. Chart ranking reflects airplay during the week ending 22-Jul-2014.

Top 30
Alvvays (Self-Released)
2    WALRUS*
Glam Returns (Out Of Sound)
In The Lonely Hour (Capitol Records)
Mended With Gold (Paper Bag)
5    ALT-J
This Is All Yours (Warner (WEA))
Jon McKiel (Headless Owl)
Boy Crazy (Bloodshot)
Corrupt the Youth EP (Killer Haze)
Saturnalia Regalia (Mint)
10    NAP EYES*
Whine of the Mystic (Plastic Factory)
Leisure Cruise (Last Gang)
Repotting (Self-Released)
13    AROARA*
AroarA (Club Roll)
14    COUSINS*
The Halls Of Wickwire (Hand Drawn Dracula)
Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of? (Self-Released)
Virgins (Paper Bag)
Forcefield (Dine Alone)
III (Pirates Blend)
Lost In The Dream (Secretly Canadian)
The Chase (Bonsound)
Mountain (Hidden Pony)
Turn Blue (Nonesuch)
North American Poetry (Captured Tracks)
24    BRY WEBB*
Free Will (Idee Fixe)
25    JON HYNES*
Watchful Creatures (Shuffling Feet)
Animism (Six Shooter)
Night Window (Nettwerk Records)
Max Grizzly and the Entertainment (Self-Released)
The Apache Relay (Dine Alone)
The Panic Sequence (Rare Beef)


Theatre correspondent David White brings us a weekly segment on the behind the scenes work of members of the Performers’ Company, leading up to their show “West Moon Street,” which opens next Wednesday. In this episode he interviews Sue Rose, costume designer and graphic go-to person. She talks about the collaborative spirit of community theatre and sheds some light on where the Performers’ Company is at as they enter “crunch time,” with less than a week before opening night.

Highlights from the interview: a dress from the 1920’s, a chiromantist, and some plot hints.


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